Malee story

ประสบการณ์ที่สอนเรามาแล้ว 40 ปี


On February 2nd, 1978 Malee started our journey as “Malee Sampran Factory Co., Ltd” as a manufacturer and distributor of canned food. In the early days, Thailand was abundant in agriculture and Malee focused on bringing seasonal fruit to Thai consumers and at the same time, raising the popularity of Thai fruits globally. Our initial emphasis was on pineapples.


Our listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on March 3rd, 1992 was a major milestone for Malee. Being listed offered superior market exposure, leveraged our operation standards in all areas and, most importantly, improved our credibility with both Thai and global consumers


This was the year that Malee launched UHT fruit juice in paper packaging, as previously all products were canned. This technology preserves the goodness of fresh fruit while bringing a whole new level of convenience and consumer experience to people’s changing lifestyles.


Proving our ongoing commitment to providing great food and drinks to our customers, Malee together with our partner established a new product category which became the first Ready-To-Drink Canned Coffee. Once again, this was about meeting our consumers’ desire for taste and convenience. Nowadays, this category is worth over 10 billion Baht each year for the Thailand market.


The ever growing interest in health around the world has been increasingly influential in redefining the way we eat and drink. People are looking for ways to improve their health and more fresh, natural food and drink is a big part of this. Malee responded to the health and wellness trend perfectly by growing the business with a new category, the first fresh coconut water, created with our global partner.


Malee has always put food safety and hygiene as our foremost priority, taking complete responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes. Through our countless efforts to maintain quality of manufacturing reliability and adherence to industry standards, we have been certified to world-class recognition and the best safety class standards. Additionally, Malee achieved a wide range of awards both domestically and internationally. Our current quality certifications include USFDA, BRC7, ISO9001:2015, HACCP&GMP, KOSHER, HALAL


Committed to become a regional brand and forge business alliances to pave the way for marketing opportunities toward the future, we successfully engaged in a joint venture agreement with Philippines trade partner, Monde Nissin Corporation, in order to establish Monde Malee Beverage Corporation (MMBC), which manufactured and distributed non-alcoholic beverages in the Philippines. This was our first real international footprint.


With the Company’s strategies and goals to grow globally, Malee Sampran PLC was changed to Malee Group PLC on April 28th, 2016. Malee Group also set up a joint venture with Mega Life Science PLC to establish “Mega Malee Co.,Ltd.” to develop a new business segment focusing on natural, healthy food and drink.


“Malee Applied Science Co.,Ltd. (MAS)” was established to find value added innovations and ideas for our current by products. We want to be able to use these ideas to develop innovative ideas that will grow revenues and margins while enabling higher prices for farmers to enhance their overall quality of living.